2399 Spectrum Analyzers


The 2399 covers a frequency range of 9kHz to 2.9GHz and includes features designed to make it extremely user friendly. Features include semi-automated measurement capabilities, a fast processor, large memory and color display.

IFRs 2399 spectrum analyzer offers users a large color TFT LCD display with a 640x480 pixel active display area that is clear, bright and sharp even in high ambient light conditions. The unit weighs less than 21 pounds (9.4 kg) making it one of the lightest spectrum analyzers on the market today.
The 2399 incorporates a fast processor and large memory capable of storing up to 1,000 screen traces and 2,000 operational states. Improvements in the processor speed, memory capacity and operating system make the 2399 very powerful and give IFR the ability to create new options for the instrument, such as DTF, in response to market needs.
Additionally, the 2399s comprehensive marker system allows as many as nine markers to be displayed at any one time together with a market table showing the frequency and level of each marker selected. This feature allows multiple signals to be
evaluated simultaneously. In addition to Normal Markers, the 2399 provides Delta Markers, Peak Search, Peak Trace, 1/Delta, Marker Track, Marker to Center and Marker to Reference capabilities. Interfaces for IEEE-488, RS-232C, printers and active probes are also built into the standard spectrum analyzer broadening its appeal to users.

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